Electrifying Assistance Europe

The product highlights of eMobileAssistance:

In addition to the normal breakdown assistance services, you benefit from:

  • In the event of a car-breakdown or accident, you are guaranteed to remain electrically mobile
  • Equivalent electric vehicle as a replacement car 
  • Complete travel protection on your travels 
  • Europe-wide Coverage
  • No deductible in the event of a claim
  • Contract can be made for one or two years
  • Attractive price
  • Close contract online, pay with credit card and receive insurance certificate immediatly

Price examples:

eMobileAssistance Europa one year

CHF 195.- / EUR 195.-

eMobileAssistance Europa two years

CHF 390.- / EUR 390.-

The eMobileAssistamce is the brand for Electromobile Warranty Solutions of the Mobile Garantie AG based in CH-8305 Dietlikon. The Mobile Garantie AG specializes in guarantee and assistance solutions of all kinds and is part of the MSS Holding AG with headquarter in CH-8305 Dietlikon.

The eMobileAssistance can be insured for all electric vehicles that are registered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Other countries in Europe will follow.

The reinsurer of eMobileGarantie is Helvetia, Swiss insurance company in Liechtenstein AG with its registered office in FL-9490 Vaduz.

The general terms and conditions of the eMobileAssistance are available for all countries under the following links: